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Register your cobra

Register your cobra

Ohio Registration Process

Once you have completed your Cobra replica and it is ready for highway operation, you will want to start enjoying all of the hard work that you put into the build. However, you must first get it registered with the Ohio Department of Public Safety (Highway Patrol). Overall, the process required to register your Cobra is a fairly simple procedure, IF you have all of your paperwork in order.

The following are the required steps in this inspection process:

  • The vehicle must be completely finished, ready to operate on the highway and in compliant with Ohio Revised Code section 4513.
  • Obtain an application for a Salvage and/or Self-Assembled Vehicle inspection form at any Deputy Registrar License Agency. You will be charged a fee of $50.00, plus a small handling fee for this form. Find the Deputy Registrar location nearest you!
  • Once you have your Salvage and/or Self-Assembled Vehicle inspection form, Contact the Ohio Department of Public Safety and request an appointment for the inspection of a Self-Assembled Vehicle. The Highway Patrol posts, that are set up to do this inspection are located here.
  • The Salvage and/or Self-Assembled Vehicle inspection form serves as your temporary registration and license to drive your Cobra to the inspection. Of course, you may also trailer it if you desire to do so.
  • The purpose of the salvage and/or self-assembled inspection is to verify the ownership of all of the parts used in your build and to review all required documentation. The inspection is designed to identify stolen and contraband parts and are not meant to confirm road worthiness or quality of work.
Note: Club members have had excellent results with their inspections at both the Columbus and Troy District Highway Patrol posts. Unfortunately, it seems that at some inspection locations, the inspecting officers interprets the laws differently than do other inspectors.
On the day and time of your scheduled appointment, be sure to bring the following items:

  • Driver’s license.
  • Cobra Kit: MSO (Manufacturers Statement of Origin) from the kit manufacturer.
Engine, Transmission, and Differential:

  • If any of these parts are new, you will need the receipt for each of the new parts from a recognized auto parts store or speed shop.
  • If any of these parts are used, you will need for each of the used parts, either:

    1. The title, in your name, of the vehicle in which the part was taken from or
    2. A notarized, original Bill of Sale from the person you purchased the part from, with the VIN number of the vehicle which the part was removed from, recorded on the Bill of Sale.
  • Photocopies of receipts are not acceptable and their attempted use will cause a failed inspection.
  • The inspecting officer may also require receipts or documentation for any other part that he believes to be of questionable origin (stolen). (Ohio Revised code, RC, Section 4505.11).
  • Before the self-assembled vehicle inspection is conducted, the inspecting officer will examine all of your receipts. The inspection will not be completed if of your paperwork is incomplete, incorrect, or missing required information.
  • The person presenting the vehicle for inspection will be permitted in the inspection area only when authorized by the inspecting officer.
  • The applicant may be instructed to remove certain body parts from the vehicle before arriving for inspection. During the inspection, it may be necessary to remove certain parts to allow examination of VIN's. It may also be necessary to leave the vehicle overnight.
  • Any vehicle or component part bearing a VIN or VIN derivative determined to be stolen/missing or altered will result in the vehicle being impounded and held as evidence and/or seized for forfeiture.
  • If your Cobra fails inspection for any reason, you will be advised of what needs to be corrected, and how to go about rescheduling another insepection appointment.
  • When your Cobra passes inspection, the inspecting office will issue you a temporary title.
  • Take your temporary title to a Deputy Registrar office to get your permanent title. At this point, you will have to pay state tax on the kit, engine, transmission and differential you purchased out of state. There is also a small fee for registering your Cobra.
  • Now that you have your permanent title you can purchase your license plates.
If you would like a vanity plate, you should research its availability at www.oplates.com. Once you have received your plates, attach them to your Cobra, enjoy it and plan on attending the next London Cobra Show.

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